Saturday, July 30, 2011

Big Girl's Big Day ~

Today is my Big Girl's 21st birthday ~ so hard to believe!

Almost a year ago she announced she was moving 4600 miles away...for a year...luckily she has come home a few times and will be moving back in a few months. Always her style to leap and build her wings on the way down ~ it's kept life interesting. I love too that she is a sweet sentimental soul with a big heart. But this is what kids do, and we all know it will only be a matter of time before she moves out for good. It's hitting her that she won't be home for her BIG DAY ~ her first birthday away from home. She said she's missing all of us and all the special little things I have always done...

So a box filled with party things and a crown (made from a dollar store find, not my best but it will do,) were shipped off with lots of love. And I found a bakery nearby and ordered her favorite cake to be delivered.

I love making all the fun party things myself, but I came across this cool company and thought I'd share, in case you are in need of a special gift to send and you're too busy ~ these are fun!


Grace said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter!! Great fun party things you made her I am sure it will make her happy! Grace xoox

Terri said...

Congratulations on your daughters 21st! I have a 20 yr old daughter and know exactly how you feel!
The box you have sent her is filled with love...and your gorgeous treats! The prize ball is really cute. Is it covered in crepe paper? Does it open? The crown is so sweet too. I hope she sends you a pic of her wearing it.

Becs said...

Ahh Heidi I bet it is killing you as much as her for her to be away. What a great surprise it will be for her to get all those goodies. Becs

Alison said...

What a lucky girl and what a sweet idea! I hope that she was surprised!

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

That is going to be one great party! LOVE all the colors. Enjoy~

Anonymous said...

Oh how sweet Heidi! I think your box of goodies are darling!

I also wanted to mention the cover for "Paper Ruffles" is stunning! I simply can't wait!