Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Bountiful Trip ~

I think this blog should be called "On a Whim," because that's pretty much how I operate!

Big Girl and I decided to skip out of town for an overnight trip to visit the Big Guy. He works for an antique auction house, and there was an auction. I got a table, but now that I'm home it's not going to work where I had hoped - too high

On the way home we punched in the address to The Wilson Farm, and Linda (hubby's GPS) got us right there ~ I love her! What a great invention

I have been making all kinds of delicious things from their cookbook forever, but have never visited the farm. By the way, the cookbook is excellent!

Everything was displayed so beautifully, so I had to take pictures (we were not camera ready after sleeping on couches in Big Guys bachelor pad.)

Peonies bundles in every hue of pink

Pickled everything in Ball jars

And berries ~ yum!

We came home with lots of yummie treats, and we will definitely be back soon! My little local farm down the street will get me by until I can visit again

xo Heidi

Friday, June 12, 2009

Gypsy Living ~

This little pretty has created quite a stir around here...

You may remember back at Christmas hubby gave me this chandelier, well it's up

Here you can see I added one of my favorite touches, the vintage ceiling tin (and trimmed it out)

After it went up, we noticed everything else was looking a bit tired, so up went the crown molding we've been meaning to get to, and of course then the walls and trim needed a fresh coat of paint, which led to realizing the hardwood floors desperately needed a new for the past several months we've been shuffling furniture here and there. We means us, not me calling someone to do the wonder I dream of dialing for services!

Last week everything finally got up and out of both the living and dining rooms to do the floors, stuff is everywhere

It was kind of fun having to swing yourself into the kitchen, and walk around outside to the sun room to watch tv, but now the push is on! My Mom and Big Girl jumped in to help, thankfully, and we got so much done

I can't wait to put everything back together. Of course it's still a 100 year old cottage with all is charming quirks, but at least the living and dining rooms look so fresh and clean and pretty ~ I love it! Oh how I wish I could freshen everything up with new furniture ~ a girl can dream!

Since we will have a house full of guests this summer, plus hosting the Mermaid Cache ~ Creative Tea, I've been chipping away at packing up and cleaning out Big Guy's bedroom to make it into a guest room. He's been on his own now for two years, so it was time. It was bittersweet, but I had so many laughs remembering his childhood as I packed up his many collections; rocks, marbles, cars & little figurines, magnets, coins, journals & writings, comics, boy scout stuff (he's and Eagle Scout,) and books. This kid has books, and most of them he took with him already!

The oil paint and polyurethane fumes must be making me loopy, because in the midst of all this Big Girl said we NEED to paint the kitchen cabinets, so of course we grabbed the nearest screwdrivers and removed all the cabinet hardware...that's about when hubby walked in from work. You know, he's such a good guy, he just quietly looked around and saved his thoughts for later...and later he shared that maybe we should finish all the other projects before moving on to the kitchen. Very good advice, so that's the plan! See, there is a plan ~ oh help!

Wish me luck ~
xo Heidi & Company

Monday, June 01, 2009

Sugared Songbirds ~

I must confess, I'm not much of a shopper, except when I need something. Well, I needed sheets to make new curtains for the sun room, so I found myself at Home Goods. You know how it goes, you go in for one thing and you come out with a cartload!

This I could not pass up, a fun and funky decorative bird cage. The best part was that it was on clearance for $8. ~ so how could I pass it up! I have a feeling it will get lots of use. Big girl said, "It was just waiting for you!"

It's first job, a photo shoot with my new vintage style Sugared Songbirds. Come meet the models...

Pink ~ She's sweet and always charming

Robin's Egg ~ A true friend, always cheerful

Blue ~ A super singer and a bit of a flirt

Purple ~ A bit shy, but always fashionable

All are in the shop, thanks for peeking!

xo Heidi