Tuesday, May 30, 2006


hello, and welcome to my blog. through my creative friend
jillian i have come to discover the blogging world. she was so enthusiastic about blogs and blogging, she talked about them endlessly. honestly, it all sounded a bit strange, but i was intrigued. since then i have ventured into this world of craft/art blogs and it is quite exciting. in fact i have quickly compiled a very long list of inspiring women i visit daily who share a common interest; women i would probably never have heard of, had the pleasure of getting to know, or to see their beautiful work. i am hooked, and i want to join in on all the joys of sharing, friendship, creating, swaps, resources, and inspirational journey! so many have already inspired me, and i am grateful to have found all of you. your sharing has been food for my creative spirit. the fact that so many like minded women from all over the world can gather together to share their art and inspire each other is amazing. please bear with me, there will be a bit of a learning curve. fortunately, i have wonderfully supportive friends (mindy) and sisters who are encouraging and savvy in tech department.

so, welcome to my blog, my home, and my creative adventures -
xo, heidi

p.s. this "welcome" banner hangs in my front entry - i made it with all vintage suppies, in my favorite soft, creamy, colors. if you click on it, you can see a larger view. enjoy!


Anonymous said...

just gorgeous! you, my friend are an inspiration :)
welcome aboard ~ xoxo mindy

kidslovecandy said...

Oh! I love these spin off blogs. I hope you'll all keep art and soul going.
I love your images. In both words and pictures.
I'll be back for more.
Lisa (aka Jillian's friend)

Dawn said...

What a beautiful welcome! I will come back...yes, I will!!

Lene S said...

Hi there! I found your blog trough Artsymamas.. This banner is so beautiful!! Love it, reaaly do :o) I´m going to look by you again, looking for more inspiration;o)

Lene :o)

art and soul said...

hi heidi!
your blog is beautiful already!
i love the welcome banner, it is just perfect!