Tuesday, June 20, 2006

the big sunny day!

it has been a long while getting another post up. we've been busily getting everything together for the sale, and finally after what seemed like eons it went off perfectly! i think it was the first blue sky,HOT sunny day here, but that didn't hamper the yard sale die-hards, they came in a steady stream, and scooped up lots of great cottage style treasures for their homes, and purchased delicious goodies including jill's yummie cookies at mindy's bake sale. fellow bloggers came by for a visit; candy, and nina, and her fabulous family, even her parents! it was so great to finally meet these inspiring women. we plan on this becoming an annual event, so hopefully we'll get to meet even more of you at future "birds of a feather" gatherings.

the wish jars were inspired by the creative kerri. my girls and i made them to sell in support of mindy's non-profit biz, and they made great favors for all to take home. pam's wallpaper pack came in handy for the tags. it seems vintage wallpapers are kind of scarce in this area, so it was nice to have some new goods to use.

thank you all for making this such a fun and memorable event.
xo, h


lovewhatido said...

Heidi! You were the best...driving right over her in that big white box truck and loading me up! I wish I had got a picture of that! I never thought we would sell all that "shabby-charming-cottagy" stuff, but we did!! Thanks for putting it all together and hosting it! A big thanks from Zak for letting him hang all over your Ariana!

Anonymous said...

you were the hostess with the mostess! even my boys had fun dropping by for a burger and a dip. thanks for creating such a wonderful day for us!

Anonymous said...

heidi...check out the vintage swap going on at artsy mama's blog...right up your alley!


Dawn Falcone said...

What fun! Isn't it nice to meet your fellow bloggers in person? I love your Wish Jars.