Tuesday, March 20, 2007

happy spring !

pring is finally here! every year i look forward to the first day of spring more and more. good-bye winter! since we still have snow and ice and not one bud to be seen, for me spring means flea markets. just two more weeks and that's where i'll be, hunting for treasures - 11 days to be exactl!

spring cleaning and clearing out old photo files in the computer, i came across these shots of some past flea treasures - thought i'd post a few shots of my home which i used to set up for photo shoots for selling some of my refurbished wares. now i only do a yearly sale. i love looking at these photos becasue i remember how much upheaval they casued, and yet the photos look so serene.

almost every piece has a story - the down slip cover couch - free, yup! my hubby just happened to be in the right place when they were hauling it off - smart guy he grabbed it!

the tole & porcelain rose chandelier in the dining room was the first piece i ever bought, at brimfield market, it changed the entire direction of my decorating. sometimes i think i'd like to change to a crystal one, but i can't, it just has to stay. and sorry, it's NOT for sale.

this bench i loved, and painstakingly created the custom slipcover for it - hope it went to a good home.

the the child's wardrobe i haggled with the dealer over - it was for sale, but she didn't want to sell it becasue it held such sentimentality for her. i really wanted it, so i came back with cash (too much) and promised to love it as much as she did - and i do. after my daughter, chloe, decided she wanted to redecorate and didn't want it anymore I put it in my studio, a perfect piece for holding my crafting goodies.

here i am setting up a shoot

what inspires you most about spring?

from my home to yours -

xo, heidi


Shabby in the City said...

Hello! Nice style, I love your home! I found you at Corey's :)
The smell of Hyacinths inspires me!

ArtsyMama said...

Yes...hello spring...good-bye winter!! Your home is gorgeous! Come join us over at my blog for a HUGE spring fling tea party!!! Hope to "meet" you there:)

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Heidi, Your pictures are so gorgeous! You have inspired me to do a little cleaning up around here after I clear the tea mess Claudette made.

Please visit, it's Spring!


Garden_Antqs said...

Some people have all the luck... beautiful couch. My husband has also been in the right place at the right time; that's how I've acquired several of my wicker chairs.

Gypsy Purple said...

What a great post...really enjoyed!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your home shots!!
What inspires me about spring? The smell of fresh cut grass, the sound of lawnmowers, fresh flowers, children playing in the distance and yard sales, fleamarkets and lemonade stands!!

lauren Mumford said...

oooh, everything is so lovely. I can't wait to read more of your blog as it grows. Your flickr photos are amazing too. Thanks for stopping by mine!

P.S. and I here you about spring--although here in California I just came inside because I was too hot to be out there planting seeds. I'll wait until tomorrow a.m. when it's cooler...lalala...lol

carolyn said...

Well Happy Spring to you and yours. The photographs of your home are lovely.

Annabelle said...

Your home photos are just so lovely. I love fields and fields of yellow daffodils. I adore the scent, feel and look of mimosa. I love pansies and bluebirds and the sweet fragrance of narcissus. Spring has to be my favorite season and because of it I had to create a mosaic on Flickr…take a look.
Luv Annabelle

tongue in cheek said...

I want your home. It is dreamy. You have the right creative touch to mix white with with and make it sparkle!

tracy said...

absolutely beautiful....and inspiring. I've always had such a hard time parting with things...
I need to do a major spring cleaning. oxox