Monday, April 09, 2007

cupcake for you

hope you all had a wonderful easter. we made a bunch of these sweet butterfly cupcakes. fondant butterflies in pastel hues and a bit of flaked coconut on top of whipped buttercream - yum!

my cake decorating classes have been a lot of fun. here's a snippet of the flower basket cake i made. still's not as easy as i thought.

funny thing,
i don't even like cake. this is just another creative outlet - you'll see, i do this a lot. i get a little obsessed with ideas, and usually i conceptualize a new craft into a business; name, shop design, product line... i have journals and sketch pads filled with great ideas, some i've done and some never went anywhere. although this new craft will probably be reserved for sharing with family and friends, you never know.


Dawn said...

That is one sweet cupcake!
I am not a cake decorator..but I admire anyone who can master any or all of these skills!

Anonymous said...

I would like a pice of that cake right now, was it yummy?!

wish studio said...

you are always up to something fabulous! i'm not a ccake girl either, but those look...yum!

Anonymous said...

I'm a cake girl! Pass me a slice if you can bear to cut into the beautiful frosting!

tongue in cheek said...

Those are too pretty to eat!

carolyn said...

Well I am a cake person but yours look just too pretty to cut!