Monday, July 16, 2007

adoption clause

wow, thank you for cheering for little milo! he is such a sweetie for sure, even if the three mouse-keteers; dandelion, rosie, and smooch didn't warm up to him. clementine loved having someone furry to play with. my daughter taught him how to do high five, and down low ~ wish i got that on video, too funny. you all knew i would fall for him ~ hard. he was my little buddy, always following me around, or falling asleep in my lap. we decided though that it really wasn't fair to keep him where the other three already have a rather precarious relationship. in the winter when we keep them in and it gets a little hairy! yesterday he went to live with his new family, my son's friend. she also took milo's brother, so they will be very happy together. looking through the photos tugs at my heart, we all miss him. of course there was a clause in the adoption where we would welcome him back at any time!

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carolyn said...

Gorgeous photographs.