Thursday, September 13, 2007

chic prom tour

have you heard about this event? rachel ashwell's vintage prom dress collection is going on a cross country tour. they will be shown in her signature shabby chic stores, and with 50 new stores poised to open, they will surely be twirling through your state someday soon! if you love vintage prom dresses with their sweet details, layers of tulle, lace, and millinery, then this will surely top your list as a not to miss event!

the first time i saw rachel was in her mailbu store, long before she became the shabby chica we all know and love today. being an east coast girl, who grew up surrounded by dark furnishings and long cold winters, i hadn't found many kindred spirits who also created a cocoon painted vintage shades of white - i didn't want to leave. then again, i am a cali girl at heart! a couple of years ago i had the pleasure of meeting her at the be creative country home event in nyc, and she is as lovely as you would think, very approachable and warm. if you have a chance to go to one of their events, do it! the most wonderful gift of the day, besides sharing the day with my sweet friend tamsen, was actually getting to meet and mingle amongst all the designers! sue & ki from junk market (don't miss their junk bonanza!) are two of the coolest and fun chicks ever. this was my pre-blogging days, but who knew a huge flock of them converged on this event - wish i knew you then!

a funny story about mary emmerling, or i should say me! at the event a couple sat next to us and asked if i was mary's daughter, and i laughed and said no, but they insisted that i was not being straight with them and went on and on quizzing me...i wonder what it would be like to be mary's daughter? probably great, and i'd be a blond!

one thing's for sure, i would so love to carve out a dream design gig like any of these fabulously creative and inspiring women have. to travel the country, and abroad, in search of treasures, setting up casual but elegant homes for my clients - too fun! then of course there would be the designing of my very own product could happen!

- prom dress photo from shabby chic


Leah said...

oo, i loved that story about mary emmerling!

i took a quick peek into the shabby chic store in natick yesterday. i'd never seen any of her stuff before. it'll be fun to see the prom dress collection when it comes!

Anonymous said...

I was lucky enough to see this exhibit at the Austin, Texas store
at their recent opening. It was wonderful. I didn't know there were more stores to come. Can't wait to see if there might be one coming to San Antonio.

Tammigirl said...

Heidi~ I am cracking up on the ME story cuz at art school the other day these people started staring at me with the whole "You look soooo familiar thing" and I looked straight at them and said "YES~ I KNOW, I look like a young Jane Fonda and a current Mary Stewart Masterson" and we all laughed and agreed that yes that was it.

But beyond that, the key to reaching your design dream is in you. Sit and visualiaze yourself doing it every day. Watch what happens, the Universe is on your side!

Leah said...

i totally forgot about this until i read tammy's comment, but today in anthropologie a woman came up to me twice saying i looked so familiar and she was sure we'd met. she worked at the boston store and the one in chestnut hill, but i'm not a regular, so i'm pretty sure we'd never met. i told her i have an evil twin. :-)

paige said...

oh you lucky lucky girl.
rachel, sue, ki & mary!!!!!!
oh my!!
yes i will be so excited to see you up there one day too.
best wishes

Dee Light said...

Those prom dresses would be soooo fun to see!!!

Mélanie said...

Those prom dresses !! Whaouh . I wish I could be there

Renee said...

Thanks for letting us know about this, that would be so cool to see all of the prom dresses. I'll have to see if any our coming to Minnesota.

Great story about being Mary's daughter, to funny!

Anonymous said...

I have admired Rachel Ashwell for some time and got the oportunity to meet her when she came through Texas last year. The disapointing thing was when I said hello and told her how much I admired her, she gave half a smile and walked off; seemed rude! Maybe she was just shy, but didn't leave a very good feeling about her after that!

dawn said...

What great stories!

I posted about my prom dress collection and Rachel's tour in August - really wish that I'd had the chance to see the tour in person, with her attention to detail I'm sure that it was divine!Lucky you!

There are 50 new stores opening?! Do you know where????

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

oooh! such pretty dresses!!!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

How exciting and fun!!! I really love Rachel Ashwell's books and love the shabby chic style. I tend to be a little more of a "collector" than what is considered true shabby chic style but love it all the same! Don't you think her style gets so misrepresented sometimes with too much foof?

The sky is the limit for are sooo talented! Heather