Wednesday, September 19, 2007

more goodies

busy like a little the studio creating lots of new goodies for the shop. i seem to have hit a creative burst here, very happy to be in creative mode! today is a beautiful pre-autumn day, but it has been c-o-l-d here, and i am not liking it. i'm like a little old lady at night with my flannel jammies and heating pad set on high to warm my feet in bed ~ i know, what a vision! see, now you know one more kooky fact about me!

here is an atumnal tussie mussie, hot out of the studio. i've got mine hanging filled with reeses minis all wrapped in fall colors ~ yum! did you know that acorns symbolize rebirth and renewal? seems strange doesn't it, since they come out in the fall right before everything goes into slumber mode. maybe it's more the promise of renewal, since they are a seed? i've had a long fascination with acorns; love the shape, and the meaning behind them.


Dee Light said...

So lovely!!! Fall things are so comforting!!!

Zee said...

Every time I go out to read blogs I learn something new. I did not know how they were called : tussie mussie and I did not know about the acorns...great to know!!! I love your tussie btw.

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

Your tussie mussie is very cute. Flannel PJ's sounds great with a cup of cocoa. I like that heating pad idea.