Friday, February 22, 2008

you all make my day ~

i'm not sure what planets are aligning, but i have to say a big thank you to all the sweet creative bloggers who have been sending kind e-mails my way! after a lull in my blogging, it's nice to know that you still stop by to say hi! i've been contacted by two magazines too, my fingers are crossed, and i'll keep you posted! also, melissa has bestowed this sweet award on me! not sure what i did, but thank you, you made my day! so now i am to choose 5 bloggers that inspire me....hmm, this is hard, as there are sooo many. this is why i don't list blogs in my sidebar, but i think i will choose these creative women; julie, rebecca, anna maria, bari j, and kylie, who i find to be genuinely giving with their heart and art.
every time i pop into their world they inspire and rock my world!
xo heidi

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Congratulations to all!


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