Monday, June 30, 2008

the best laid plans ~

i had everything set to go...bella workshop schedule printed out with a very detailed, highlighted, doodled on system for class choices,
links all opened in several tabs, credit card ready...
and the link would N-O-T open!!! believe me, it was not pretty. my visions of glitter and bellas and blissful creativity were quickly dissolving before my eyes, and no amount of refreshing made the magic link appear...then queen teresa jumped in, always so gracious, trying to help. finally, another sweet friend, sadie, offered the magic link, and *poof* all was right in my world!
it was a cliffhanger, but i'm going to silver bella!

and the icing on the cake...i'm going to be a vendor!
when i got the e-mail from teresa i was over the moon thrilled to say the least! hubby and big girl were in the kitchen and i was dancing around...well, hubby says i was jumping, and big girl says i was skipping, anyway i could not be contained! very excited and so thrilled to finally meet more of my wonderful blog friends and customers in person ~ the icing on the cake for sure!

sweet bella dreams ~


Scrappy Jessi said...

woo hoo,
im so glad you are coming..
we are going to have such a fab time.
can't wai to meet you,

what's in a name? said...

hurray for bellas! I just registered to go this year too!

Kim Caldwell said...

We are all going to have such fun! Can't wait to meet you!

Hugs, Kim

Heidi ( said...

How fun! I'm going this year, too, so it will be fun to meet you!

Cheryl said...

We are all going to have SO much fun! I'm so excited that you will be a vendor....Hopefully you'll be bringing LOTS of your wonderful ruffled crepe papers!
Can't wait to meet!

Alisa said...

Hi Heidi! So glad you came by and put your name in my giveaway... thank you!
I was dancing around the house too after registration. If fact I danced my way out of bed this morning as well!

tiffany~ shabyscraps said...

look at all these great gals going to silverbella! I can't wait to meet you all!
xoxo, tiffany

Joanna {sweet finds} said...

I know what you are talking about... I went through the same thing. I couldn't get in last night. Not until 7:10 pm. I was going crazy! And my husband thought I was a little nuts. :) But I finally registered & I'm excited about going!!! 1st time bella here. :) xoxo, Joanna

Sadie Lou said...

Hip-Hip Hooray!!
I'm so pleased--ROOMIE!!
I can not wait to meet everyone!
~Sadie Lou

Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles said...

How exciting for you!!
I wish I knew what in the world Silver Bella
I know I must have been living under a rock or something but I really dont no much about it.
from all the talk I hear it sounds great.

Natasha Burns said...

YAY!!!!!!!! So glad you're coming Heidi!!! I can't wait to meet you! And boy do I need to keep saving up some more, you're being a vendor too?! FABULOUS!
Just shooting you an email now to see if we have any classes together xo

Anonymous said...

Ugh! Omaha in November! That must cost a pretty penny how are you getting your goodies out there?

paige said...

oh i am so jealous!!
have a blast & share your left over goodies with us the unfortunate ones-wink!

Cristina said...

Can't wait to meet you there! I'm a West Coast girl at heart too...from WA state my whole life until 3 years ago and now I'm in VA.

pink sky said...

you are always full of such wonderful surprises...i am so excited for you!

fated follies studio said...

yay fun!!! i'll see you there!




Maija said...

Hi Heidi! I'm sorry I will miss you at Silver Bella this year. I've gone to the previous 2, but not this year since I plan on spending ALL my money in Paris in September. Which brings me back to your blog. My friend Dana Smith linked me to your Paris post from May 2007- I love how you wrote about Paris- I can't wait! I also adore the ruffle crepe paper I bought from you a month or so ago!

Sara said...

Where is Silver Bella - I am in Oklahoma.... it sounds like a great fun place to be! Looks like you have lots of vendor friends/friends joining you in the fun, too!

roseylittlethings said...

Wow, that is amazing to be asked to be a vendor, congrats!

Stacy/Creativemuse said...

THat is so awesome Wish I was going I'll be Dreaming of it! Good luck! Congrats! Much success!

carol eldridge said...

Hello Heidi-

just wanted to say hello and let you know about my Art Licensing Seminar coming up next month right here in Marblehead.

Please Check out the link

you may be interested in learning more about how to license your designs and strategically market your art work so that manufacturers will take notice.

If you have any questions please give me a call.


Little Pink Studio said...

Oh Heidi! I was flipping through my new Somerset Studios last night and saw one of your gorgeous bird cages that I just adore in an add for an upcoming publication. (I think it was a "Gallery" one?)
So exciting!
xoxo, Cerri

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Oh my goodness! How exciting for you! Thank goodness for all the blogs you ladies have, so we ladies who can't attend can still share in the excitement of going!!! =)

Malphi said...

Lovely blog to scroll through!
Susannah x

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

How exciting for you, Heidi. My daughter, Heather, from Pretty Petals is going, as well. So excited for all of you. I'm sure you'll bring back wonderful skills and beautiful ideas!


Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Cant wait to meet you Heidi!!! xo Heather

amanda Willey said...

Sweet! I can't wait to meet you in person! Silverbella has always been great, but this year seems to be looking even better! Hopefully we have a class together, if not I will find time to leave my table and check out your creations!