Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our Pink Day ~

This morning I lay in bed running through all the things I HAD to do today; shower, post office, bank, grocery shopping, home to clean (desperately needed,) then work on orders. Big Girl is on Spring Break this week so I knew she would sleep in...then I heard her on the phone, run downstairs, opened the door, and was now talking to someone...

then look who came up to greet me...a sweet pink baby!

there was lots of this ~ when she seemed hungry and when we didn't know what to do

a few smiles

a few giggles

ahhh sleeping... and when baby sleeps, you sleep!

so that's just what she did.
{smoochie was not too sure about this new pink creature}

this is how they slept, isn't that too funny!?

guess the housework is on Go Fish, we had much more important things to do today!


Diane said...

Who is the darling Pink Baby? That is the way my daughter Breezy sleeps with her sweet baby Amelie.
Ever so sweet.
Hugs, Diane

Birds of a Feather said...

It's my daughter's friend's baby, Ava. She is a little sweet pea! xo

Serendipit-Us said...

Heidi......ohhhhh, how unbelievably sweet. I LOVE the picture of Ava with your her fingers twirling your daughter's hair. Makes me want....to borrow a baby :-)
I'm on a left-over coffee project rampage now, by the way. I need some more ideas before I decide to dunk my kids in. Hey.....a new idea for a natural tanner???? Maybe not!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to wake up! These images are beautiful!

Also wanted to let you know that the post I did featuring you, Heather and The Inspired Nest was posted yesterday. *S*


kslaughter said...

Hi Heidi,
Thanks so much for your kind comment on my latest post ; ). My daughter was not the one who fiddled with her hair. It has been my, now 18-yr-old, son. He hasn't colored it.....yet......but, has sported everything from a shaved head to shoulder length hair. I had a friend at church who let me know that a "good" boy should not have such long hair---I said, "Hey, it's just hair---we could have a lot worse problems to deal with!" I am thrilled that our kids want to express their individuality---pink sounds lovely ; )!

I think, if we have sun again tomorrow, I will try to go take some photos of my friend, Elria's, house--I'll send you some when I get them plugged in~~you will love it!

Stephenie said...

What a cutie pie!!!! I miss those days of having a little baby around...

paperbird said...

Those pictures are truly, truly sweet.
I miss those days with my babies.

What a funny cat, mine sleeps on me just like that!

Jenny Fowler said...

oh how sweet Heidi. I love all those photos. What a sweet baby!

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh how sweet!! Nothing like a cute pink baby.

Angela Harris said...

Oh man....I'm experiencing serious baby withdraws and my baby is only 2!
So glad to see you got your fill.

Alisa said...

Awww... a much better way to spend the day!

kari and kijsa said...

That is a day filled up to the brim with goodness!
kari & kijsa

Kasey said...

so sweet.
and you have a lovely blog Heidi.

Kim said...

Ava is one of my favorite names , and I have to tell you - that looks like a Perfect day to me :)