Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sugared Messenger Doves ~

Have you heard ~ hand dyed Sugared Messenger Doves are in the Shop!

Here they are drying after they took a little dip in the bird bath

Each carries a different sweet message

I've been battling the worst Spring allergies and a cold all week, can't seem to shake this thing this year ~ grr! Brimfield was wonderful, lots of amazing treasures! I promise a post in a few days...hopefully I'll be feeling all shiny and new

Have a wonderful weekend ~
xo Heidi


Jenny Fowler said...

They are so pretty! Sorry about the allergies. I know how that is. :(

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Very pretty!

I have allergies, too. I just tell people that my nose is red because I'm an alcoholic, and would they please get me a martini.

paperbird said...

Your trip looked so fun.
I hope your allergies calm down- I suffer from them as well and I think they are one big fat pain in the booty if you want to know the truth!

I adore the doves.