Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Silver Bella ~

My trip began with power stitching my apron, in flight, for vendor night

I had a plan, but not a moment to do this project until I finally sat on the plane ~ two flights, one de-boarding due to mechanical issues, a looong delay and voila, it was finally done, or done enough!

I arrived excited, late, and hungry ~ missed the welcome dinner, but just in time for the group project...I did manage to find some chocolate and a peanut butter cookie

Me with Cristina & Catherine (her sweet Mom)

Heather, Me & Crystal ~ representing MA
Sorry roomies ~ very bad photo!

Alicia's amazing Mum ~ a swap between the Texas Mum's
They really do know how to do it BIG!

It's almost as big as she is!

Me & Pam

Stacy & Natalie

Crystal & Sarah (her little sis)

Vendor night at my table ~ again chocolate for dinner! We did score some pizza thanks to Stacy around 11

A highlight ~ meeting the wonderfully gracious Jo Packham! I adore people who wear their heart on their sleeve...and she does, with grace

How can it be that I never left the hotel? There just wasn't time...and so many friends I hardly got to catch up with; except a hug and hello because they weren't in my classes. Even so it was non-stop fun!

For more Silver Bella pics ~ visit the flickr pool ~ here!

Thanks a bunch for all the beautiful memories! xo


Birds of a Feather said...

Please, anyone know Stacy's sorry Stacy - I have hundreds saved, but don't get out and about in blogland much - lol! xo

Leanne said...

Just commenting on the cute apron ... how do you blanket stitch onto another piece of fabric? Just pick it up on the back somewhere?

Blanket stitch is my new friend and so I like to see different ways to use it! :)

Birds of a Feather said...

Leanne ~ hope you get this, your profile is not enabled.

I recently found this on-line source and I love it!

Suz said...

I missed meeting you and missed your whole row at vendor night...and yours was one I particularly wanted to see. I found Silver Bella to be joyful, stretching and totally overwhelming.

I caught a peek of your booth as things were closing :-( I hope things went well and I will be back next year!

Until then, I am visiting your store!


Robin Thomas said...

Uhhh, I am in shock that you accomplished that apron in flight. I guess 'birds of a feather' suits you well...

Alison Gibbs said...

Slver bella sounds such fun.
Cute apron

Eileen@Star'sFault said...

Oh, I want so much to do Silver Bella next year! Your apron turned out absolutely lovely - very Anthropologie, too! I fly so much for my job, and I ALWAYS take a project, or two, along with me! While others are chafing at flight delays and long layovers, I am knitting or sewing happily, ipod going... noooo problem!

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

Jeanneoli said...

I can't believe you finished that on the plane. Your apron was one of my favorites!!

Andrea Singarella said...

It was great to see you again, and I loved your table on vendor night. Beautiful always Heidi!


WOW!! Love your apron. Cannot believe you whipped that baby up on the plane. You are very talented. Glad to hear you had fun.

Leanne Shawler said...

I wonder why my profile is not enabled? Hmm, and how do I fix that?

Anyway, I'm going through the goodie bag from the first night at Silver Bella and found your prize ribbon kit! I have a feeling this will be great to somehow add to Teresa's Victorious Medals class but when I came to your blog for the instructions, I couldn't find them! Help!

Gina said...

I love your blog. Also am looking for the directions to make the prize. Can you please post them or a link? Thanks!

Catherine said...

Loved getting to meet you and I was lucky enough to stop by your vendor table and purchase a few goodies.
It was a treat to have dinner with you and Heather as well. And wasn't it a special moment to meet with Joe after the luncheon...she is so sweet.
I hope I will get to see you in person again.
Cristina's Mama

Charlene said...

It all sounds amazing. I heard so many details from Joanna Lewis! Saw a bunch of the swap things she was in & heard the Jo was an amazing speaker (which of course we all knew she would be) SOoooooooo wish I could have been there. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Libbie said...

That looks sooo fun! I am sure you did make a lot of good memeries & had a blast!

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! and your apron is just so very sweet.


Gypsy Purple said...

Totally love that badge...