Monday, February 01, 2010

Sweet Peeps ~

That's what I think of all of you ~ very sweet you are! Keep donating & scooping up wonderful handmade goodness over at Haiti by Hand, fabulous creations are flying out of the shop ~ very good news ~ it does a heart good

I want to thank all of you who have purchased my kit & on-line tutorial ~ they too are flying out the door (just a few left.) I hope everyone is happily creating. The tutorial was so much fun to create, although I have to admit a huge learning curve for me ~ with all the photo editing, but I did it! I know in the grand scheme of things it's not that BIG of a deal, but my first New Years goal accomplished! I'm not looking for a parade or anything, maybe just throw a pinch of glitter in the air for me and say "yea!"

Of course I did have some help. Rosie insisted on being my assistant, and made a brief appearance in the tutorial ~ she feels like a star! And, I e-mailed my talented sister the template sketches (drawn with Sharpie marker,) asking her to "teach me" the steps to make them look professional, but she can't help herself ~ they came back all polished and done ~ I'm so lucky, she does it every time!

So many exciting things coming up; classes, kits, a swap, creative getaways, even video tutorials! Video tutorials will involve a lot less editing (on my part) which is good, but obviously I will need to fluff & buff and put something a little nicer on than my yoga gear...stay tuned


LindaSonia said...

My kittykats Will and Grace enjoyed seeing Rosie in the tute! (smile). Looking forward to more good things from you. LindaSonia

Birds of a Feather said...

Oh Linda, you are too sweet! Will & Grace - loved that show, I'm assuming they were named after that? Cute!

paperbird said...

I love your beautiful doves. I had so much fun decorating the doves that I bought from you.
I donated a painting to Haiti by Hand- such a good cause.

LuLu Kellogg said...

Bonjour Heidi~

I just found your Blog through Terri Gordon and picked up on of your Love Birds Wreath Kit and some birdies. I can't wait to receive it :)

Hope you have a lovely evening.

LuLu Kellogg