Wednesday, March 24, 2010

On Their Way ~

If I could be a professional Easter basket maker & filler, I'd be in heaven!
These are so tiny, but I managed to pack a few sweet goodies in them, even a tea bag & French sugar cube ~ hope everyone enjoys

xo Heidi
P.S. Yesterday my sweet friend Crystal was on the Martha Stewart show,
and she got a BIG surprise ~ come take a peek here



Oh Heidi!! These baskets look so beautiful. I love the rooster. I will be working on the kit this week-end. Thanks so much for sharing and for creating so much sweetness:)

LindaSonia said...

Heidi, I saw the "surprise" first hand because I was watching the episode. How fun!!

Love your baskets... as is everything you create - they are GORGEOUS!!


Emily said...

That was just totally so cute! How could she refuse after that? :o)
Best wishes to your friend!!!

Emily said...

Oh yes, your blog and your baskets are so sweet and inspirational. Thanks for sharing! :o)

paperbird said...

I love these Heidi- they are wonderful.
Crystal is darling :)

Cathy said...

That was so darn cute. Crystal must be on cloud nine! Good for her.

Thanks for sharing Heidi.


My Ugly Garden said...

Your baskets are exquisite. And congratulations on your friend's engagement. His proposal brought a tear to my eye, so sweet!