Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Brimfield Treasures ~

Brimfield Flea Market was wonderful ~ of course

We spent a lot of time at our first stop, Mahogany Ridge, where my new friend Tracy and Rose Mary Warren shared a space ~ we went crazy for all the fabulous millinery! My friend Lisa and I bought straw hats ~ I'd been wanting a new one

Along our treasure hunting we bumped into Marcia Ceppos and Wendy Addison. Our paths kept crossing throughout the afternoon...I think they were stalking us ~ lol! Birds of a feather do flock together! It was great to stop and chat with them for a bit

I gravitate towards the creamy palette, and found this amazing silk net piece with hand sewn beads on it ~ an absolute steal!

I can't resist mother-of-pearl doll buttons whenever I see them

A wax flower headpiece, aged pearls, ribbons and glassine envelopes

A mirrored push plate from France, found at a favorite booth ~
Nesting on Main ~ love the keyhole cut out

Another one of our favorite fields is Central Park . Don't miss a stop at the tablecloth lady (that's what we call her anyway,) all tablecloths are $10. I bought a very Anthro linen round tablecloth with embroidery & lace for my outdoor table ~ always a great stop

A couple of practical finds ~ glass knobs & brackets for the garden shed & chicken coop, silver & silverplate, lots of tiny treasures for mixed media projects...and the list goes on!

We left feeling like we didn't get our fill ~ so much ground to cover and so little time

I'll be posting more pics later ~ you won't want to miss how my friends and I
picnic Brimfield style

xo Heidi


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

wonderful finds - LOVE the push plate!!!!

Maija said...

Nice scores girlfriend!

Vintage by Crystal said...

Yum!!! Good thing you got to them first! ;)

Anonymous said...

You are so cute♥