Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Marie Class ~

Sunday we gathered together for a day of creative classes, and eating of course!

This amazing paper doll was brought in by one of the students. I found the Etsy shop here if you'd like to take a peek ~ so amazing! In her pocket there's tiny silverware

Everyone busy creating ~ fun!

I love seeing all the different ideas and takes on the original project, I think that's what I find most fun about teaching, that and meeting all the wonderful ladies!

A great group and everyone had a good time!


Cassandra said...

These are wonderful photos! I am so sorry I was so tired and ill, and missed part of your class. Everyone's art was looking so lovely! I can't wait to make my projects!

miss you!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Your class was so much fun!! This was just the best day creating with all these wonderful girls!


Sassy Marsha said...


I had so much fun in your class!! I can't wait to finish my box (it's en route from Florida, I had to ship a LARGE box home LOL). I'll be sure to send you a photo when I am done!

I'm glad you found the Etsy shop. I couldn't remember the name of the shop :)


Rhonda's Originals said...

Hi Heidi,
I couldn't find a place to leave a private message. Thank you so much for featuring my French Pastry Chef on your blog!

If you would like a few downloads to play with, just place an order and click "money order", not paypal, so you can get them for free! Put "Heidi's blog" in buyers comment to remind me. Things get crazy and I a liable to forget, you know how that is, I am sure!
Thanks again ! Rhonda

Vintage by Crystal said...

You are always having all sorts of fun! Miss Marie is of my favorite renditions of her!
Can't wait to see what kind of fun you have next! :)