Saturday, July 01, 2006


why is it some weeks so much happens, and then other weeks seem so ordinary. well, not this week. so much going on. how many ceremonies does a 5th grade class need - true they were all sweet and wonderful. it's only we've had the longest school year ever - until the 27th long! and softball playoffs which were exciting and fun, fun, fun, especially when they kept winning!
a few short days later, on the 26th, we recieved the great news of the arrival of my sister jenny's baby, river james! it was just the news we all had been waiting for, and needing. i absolutely love the shot of big brother quinn holding him so sweetly and looking so intently at him - we'd love to know what was going through his mind. the picture surely shows the love. all five of us will be heading west to denver the end of the month to finally see the happy family, our sweet new baby, and their new home. we only wish we lived closer, we're counting down the days, 21! he was born on the same day as two of my dearest friends, suze (suzanne as she now calls herself, but i don't becasue i just can't) and lisa. lisa is my decorating friend. we used to live in the same hood and whenever i would drive or walk by at night i'd spy in her windows. not actually a peeping tom, but crane my neck and glance at all her wonderful things - i knew i had to meet her, and when we did that was it!
suze and i have been friends since 4th grade. she and her family moved a year ago to monticito, ca. i hadn't seen her (except in photos) in almost a year until this week, and she looks fabulous! gone are the comfy knit pants and sweatshirt (i'm sure she still pulls them out now and then,) but now she is wearing designer jeans and cute hip tops. i'd post a photo here, but she'd never speak to me again. you'll just have to take my word for it. her natural blonde hair is long, and her braces, yes she got braces, are almost done - she is one hot mama! i miss her, but wow life is surely
agreeing with her. i think it's the lovely glow of happiness that is most noticable.

one more picture, becasue we love pictures, of chloe's softball team after they lost their final playoff game, but came in second in their league. it was a great season. great job girls!

xo, heidi


paris parfait said...

What a beautiful bittersweet story - sorrow and joy. Your granny sounds like a wonderful woman, who truly lived her life. Congrats to your sister on the birth of River James (great name! Great photo - thanks for sharing the story of these two profound events.

Anonymous said...

oh, heidi. this is so beautiful and bittersweet. isn't is amazing how life is like a breeze, flying in and out - i can't help but think these two precious lives, one old and one new, passed each othet along their way. may all those happy memories of your granny be in your heart always.

art and soul said...

heidi, beautiful winding story....granny reminds me of you and me...wouldn't we get in the car to go buy the mirror because we JUST HAD to have it!?! She was on a mission!
love the picture of River (R.J. sounds cute too) your trip out their wil be so fun!
Congrats to Chloe for doing so well! I am glad you got to go to a million games too!
it was nice to read a nice long wordy post from you!
Happy fourth!