Thursday, July 06, 2006

venturing close to home

recently i spent the day in concord, ma; strolling, browsing, shopping, all by myself - lucky me! it's about 40 minutes from my home, but out of my ordinary circle. there is much to do and see in this historic little downtown area. i didn't venture to any of the historical sites, unless you count the many antique shops i visited. one of my first stops was a second story shop called nesting on main, which was pure perfection, talent, passion, and genius. why didn't i have my camera! i had actually heard of it, they had a fabulous booth at the brimfield flea market where i picked up their card, but didn't put the two together until stepping foot in the shop. if i had a shop this is what i would want it to look like - it was like dream walking! the little "pet bird" print i had to have, it's so sweet. the shop was packed full, and wonderfully displayed with vintage bird cages and baths, garden and home items, mixed in with some newer items like faux eggs & nests, and freshwater pearl jewelry.

i'll have to go back during the holiday's to see this little shop all dressed up and sparkly.

xo, heidi


Anonymous said...

heidi...your blog is blooming with beauty and inspirations!! i love this post, and especially thinking of you wandering and enjoying a day to yourself. i love concord too, and was just thinking recently that i need to get back there. is that great bead store still there? i love driving around and looking a the big old historic homes and little farms. and the time travelers wife is one of my all time favorite reads! hope you love it as much as i did.

art and soul said...

good for you heidi! a perfect summer day trip for you, i wish i had been there!