Thursday, December 07, 2006


everyone in our house is covered in glitter, and every surface and crack in the hard wood floor sparkles too. i have a small studio, but the light in the dining room has been so much that's where it's all happeneing. it's been so grey and gloomy here lately, which is not helping to create great photos.

this creamy DREAM banner has the yummiest vintage shades in it, which again the photos don't show. it's made with vintage findings i've sourced through the years in my travels. the tags are new and tea stained. i just got my sewing machine back from repair and here i am sewing paper again.

here's a lovely cropped view of my creative whirl wind.

enjoy -
xo, h

* ues, these are for sale in my etsy shop (birdsofafeather) thanks for looking!



Ulla said...

Heidi! I am so sorry I missed you and Benta! Lets go have tea all three of us, next time you come out! Your blog is beautiful, I especially like your banners, they are original, compared to the plain letters you see so much today. I am adding you to my list!

Dawn said...

Lovely D...but I am partial to those..

Saucy said...

Your banners are beautiful. I love your lettering. Is it bad to sew on paper? I do it all the time.

Anonymous said...

so you have been busy, blogging away!
i love my banner you made for me adn will put it up for every birthday we celebrate! you should have photographed it before you gave it to me so you could post a picture of it! good work! kep creating!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Thank yoyu for coming by my blog, I am delighted to see yours...glitter everywhere makes for a sparkling holiday! Sweet banners you have!!