Tuesday, December 05, 2006


we've had our first dusting of snow which has really gotten me in the holiday spirit, even though i don't like the cold! i say all the time that i'm a displaced cali girl at heart, but have never lived there - just yearly visits. i love making these banners and every year make a new design for my front entry. this one is made with vintage lace, ribbon, buttons, paper, decals, glitter, and the list goes on and on. it could be left up all year really. i have some in my etsy store (birdsofafeather.)

silver glitter letters available too!

back to creating and decorating -

warm wishes,


carolyn said...

Just found your blog and wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed it. Your capodimonte mirrors and banners etc are lovely.

Heidi Bird said...

sorry you don't know me, but i found your blog while trying to search my own name and here i found you, not only do you have my name (or i have your name if you'd like) but we also have the same blog name (what are the odds?) and not only that but you seem very crafty always making something as am I. just though it was too much of a coincidence to pass up tell you :)
have a good one Heidi :)

Julie said...

Your garlands are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love them!

Annabelle said...

I made a clock like your mirrors trying to copy the Barbola technique. I gave it away but I would like to try to make another one but this time on an old mirror if I can find just the right one. Yours of course are very, very lovely. The banners are too precious as well. After visiting your blog I want to collage and craft besides reading and writing and cleaning...lol. Thanks for sharing .Nice blog.