Monday, April 30, 2007

birds, blooms, baskets, and a birthday

couldn't resist posting a sampling of a few of my favorite baskets from artsymama's may basket swap. birds and blooms were a big theme. so many fabulously creative baskets from so many talented ladies. wish you all lived next door, i'd love to craft with you! all were wonderful...i'm anxiously awaiting mine from brieanne.

today is also a very special day, my son hunter's 20th birthday! not sure how that happened, he was tiny just last week, digging in the dirt and running through the neighborhood with his buddies! we're so proud of him, off at college, studying ethnobotany - yes, an earthy science guy, who's sweet, talented, and handsome. since we won't be celebrating with him tonight we had a cake sent and he woke to hear all of us singing happy birthday at 7 a.m. sweet, yes, singing talent, no! it's hard not being together for all the "special" days, we're missing him today, the first birthday apart. so i thought i'd share one of my favorite pictures of he and i, both with much longer hair! and a sprinkling of snowflakes.

1. Spring tag-May Basket, 2. May Basket swap sneak peek for Ramona!, 3. Little chair for inside the bird cage, 4. springbuckets-07, 5. a little peek, 6. May basket swap., 7. Nest inside basket for Andrea, 8. may basket sneak peak -, 9. May Basket Swap!, 10. May Basket Sneak Peek, 11. Bitty Bucket up close, 12. May basket close up, 13. Miniature May Baskets!, 14. P4200220, 15. may basket swap top view, 16. May Basket teaser

p.s. arrg! flickr didn't want to let me "blog this" mosaic, so this is how i had to do it, sorry!

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PresentPast Collection said...

Happy Birthday to both of your beautiful kids! What a great looking bunch! Including the Mom! Smiles, Heather

Cindy @ My Romantic Home said...

What a great picture. My son is twenty also...they grow up so fast.

wish studio said...

makes me realize how the years fly by...happy birthday wishes to your baby boy :)

it was also so wonderful to spending time with you, feeling your creative light and love. xo, mindy

Anonymous said...

All the may baskets were just amazing! What a fun swap that was.
Happy bday to your growin' chitlins!

carolyn said...

Happy Birthday to Hunter.

tracy said...

I'm in love with your blog....and all your incredible paris pics. This picture of you and your son is beautiful. oxox, tracy