Tuesday, April 24, 2007

birthday girl!

i had to post a little birthday wish for my sweet chloe - she turns 12 today! it was so hard putting that extra "good luck" candle on her cake. can't believe my baby is heading into her teens...hugs and kisses sweetheart, we love you!

she picked out a sea shell cake from the bakery downtown, a little two tier number with white chocolate shells and delicious buttercream icing, fit for a mermaid.

speaking of mermaids - i painted these tiles for the kids bathroom shower. it's funny how the mermaids came out looking like me and my sisters, and the merman resembles my husband, a bit younger version. they add a little element of whimsy and fun - everyone comments on the unexpected guests in the shower!


Carol said...

Happy Birthday to Chloe...she looks lovely! And the sea shell cake looks not only yummy but very unique as well.I can assume that it is very tasty. The mermaid tiles are just fantastic!

wish studio said...

you are turning into quite the cake diva! chloe looks so beautiful and all grown up...happy birthday wishes come true. can't wait for our date this sunday. xo, mindy

Gypsy Purple said...

Happy birthday to Chloe....lovely cake....read my disaster on my blog.....bet you`ll be so glad you bought this lovely one

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chloe! Boy, does time fly! Your babies are all growing up!
Don't forget about Sunday!

carolyn said...

Happy Birthday Chloe.