Monday, June 11, 2007

stopping to smell the roses

for months i have been living vicariously through other bloggers and magazines who have generously shown glorious gardens in full bloom. i especially love vintage roses, pink of course! we have had a slow blooming spring here, and with all the rain some have only shown their beauty for a brief moment. here's my little one smelling our new dawn rose. it is supposed to be a beautiful pale pink, but hubby chopped it to a stump with his weed wacker years ago. i was surprised that it had such a will to live, having left it for dead. this year it is proudly displaying it's bold new attitude. it was a bit of a shock to see red - i don't DO red, but today i'm happily living with my red roses that have burst all over the side of the garage (that part was my plan.) as for the red, well, it's a reminder for me to keep an open mind and find beauty in new ideas and all that surrounds me. a perfect metaphor with three teens who are blooming, growing, and finding their own way in this sometimes unpredictable world.

a few more shots of the yard...the parts i left out are the now week 4 of fixing a 50 year old concrete pond ~ our pool, and the various questionable areas that are a blank canvas waiting for me to work some gardening magic! anyone have any suggestions for a long narrow (18in. x 20ft.) sunny garden space that runs along the pool fence?

more rain on it's way...please send sunshine!
off to the studio -
xo, heidi


Steph said...

Hello! I found you from Sweetpea's blog. Thank you for the lovely photos! I have a blog on tea-stuff (and whatever else is going in my life), but I also often post on flowers in my yard. ;-) I will look forward to checking back.

wish studio said...

look at your beautiful rose...and the flowers are so pretty too :)

Kelley said...

oh...I may have the hydrangeas blooming right now...but you have pink peonies!!! Lucky girl! I so wish peonies lived in Florida, but, alas...too HOT!!!

Jes said...

LOVELY blooms...and even more lovelier daughter!!

Sent my tags out yesterday!


Tamsen said...

Hi there - just stopped by to see what you've been up to! I haven't been here since the March entry - where does the time go? If Victoria comes back out agin - you will definitely be featured in it! Keep on going on this path! Loc the picture of hubby by the window in Paris! Frame that one!

carolyn said...

Rain, rain go away and come back another day - we should certainly be singing that here in England.