Tuesday, June 19, 2007

bits and pieces

a little sneak peek at some goodies i'm sending off to cerri, she and i did a little swaperoo. i'm anxiously awaiting the beautiful tags cerri, jes, and melissa are sending my way. i've seen the goods in their flickr and blog sites - wonderfully creative!

working on some new porcelain flower mirrors. every time i make them i think i'm going to come up with some way to do them quicker, easier...but no. even though they are incredibly time consuming i love making them, and i have to say i'm quite happy with how they came out. they'll be listed in my etsy store tomorrow at noon (east coast time) if you want to take a peek.

tomorrow my older daughter and i are going to mindy's studio for a yoga class - this will be a first for both of us. we're so looking forward to having our butts kicked! i think...until i saw this. i'll keep you updated.

have you heard about this great event coming up in october? melba is hosting a creative weekend for bloggers called justBe...Connected, and lots of blog friends are travelling far and wide to attend and teach. it should be a very inspiring gathering of creative souls! i met her recently and she said there is class space available, and this week she put out a call for vendors.

did any of you see bon jovi on the today show this morning? well, i have to tell you that i am in love with their new single (you want to ) make a memory, beautiful. i didn't know who sang it until a few days ago, and every time it comes on the radio my girlies and i blast it and sing our hearts out. what can i say, i'm a hopeless romantic...

xo, heidi


Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Love your swap goodies! Your mirrors are very pretty...great idea!


Melba said...

Hi Heidi!
Thanks for the support!
I hope we can hang out again soon.
I keep my little name badge on my desk for inspiration :)

tongue in cheek said...

What lovely poreclain flower mirrors! By far you are the prettiest rose that they reflect.

Melissa said...

such prettiness! the mirrors are amazing..

glad you got my tags!