Thursday, June 21, 2007

tagged reflections

a fresh batch of mirrors are in my etsy shop. not sure how they will be recieved ~ it's very hard to sell them on-line as they look so much lovelier in real life! i keep vowing to work on my photo skills ~ a good summer project.

so i've been tagged, and i've been putting it off because who really wants to know 7 wierd and quirky things about me? the thing is i love reading what other bloggers write about themselves, so maybe someone will think i'm wierd enough to read about too...

1. i was raised by nutters, yes it's true. although there were happy times growing up, looking back it was a strange upbringing for sure. one thing that probably influenced me most was that my parents owned a greenhouses and we spent most of our time there playing and helping. my mom's idea of a toy was a cardboard box and scissors, or was it a knife? i didn't get a green thumb until later in life, but flowers and nature are central to my creative inspiration.

2. i'm the oldest of three girls and my sisters are two of my absolute favorite peeps in this world ~ love them! wish denver and san fran were closer!

3. i have two extra ribs, really, above my collar bones on each side~ i'm sure a few of you would have a thing to say about that, but if it's bad please don't tell me. anyway, it's a real pain in the neck ~ literally!

4. i married my high school sweetheart and have three fabulous kids who i cherish deeply. funny thing is i never thought i'd marry him, we're so opposite ~ he's a daredevil and i'm not, he likes crazy loud music ~ i don't, he loves speed ~ i don't, he likes meat ~ i don't, but he was so handsome, and after 20 years we still love each other. maybe opposites really can live happily ever after.

5. i know things, before they happen, but only about me and my husband which is wierd. unfortunately i've known about three accidents that he's been in before they happened, and things about my life i've kind of freaks me out! i wish it would stop.

6. i'm a serial crafter/artist. i've tried just about everything out there. in college i changed my major from jewelry to painting, to fashion. i've had several cottage biz's and jobs; everything from children's clothing, creating porcelain buttons, custom bridal designs, interior design, mural painting, embroidery designer, jewelry designer, paper artist, oh the list goes on and on. i envy people who love one thing and run with it. i think if i didn't find retail so boring i'd have a shop.

7. i have big, thick, curly hair, enough for six peeps. you can tell the weather by my hair; straight ~ cool and dry, curly ~ rain, frizzy ~ don't go there, wavy ~ just right. i'm usually late because of my hair. i still don't know what to do with it. strangers are always touching it, one even took out a pair of scissors and threatened to take it ~ freak!

now i'm on a roll, only seven, but there's so much more...and i'm not going to tag anyone because it's summer, but watch out in the fall!

xo, heidi
p.s. yoga was great! loved it. i think i found a new thing. my body loved it too, my breathing was the most noticable thing. try it you might like it too.

oh, and tags came yesterday from jes & melissa - i'll be posting soon!


ShabbyInTheCity said...

We MUST be just described my hair!
The mirrors are gorgeous :)

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

The mirrors are gorgeous!

Loved reading about you! It is fun to learn about other bloggers. So sweet about you and your husband!


Renee said...

Your mirrors are absolutely gorgeous. Also I loved reading about you and your huby you sound like an adorable couple.

Secondhandrose said...

A serial crafter.........that describes me to a "T". To many fun things to learn to stick to one. Thanks, Karen

wish studio said...

so glad you loved the yoga! wish you were in solstice class tonight with us :) i need some of that beautiful hair, and i love all the other quirky things about you (all that charm and talant and psychic too? - a famous yogi once said that it is these unique and off-beat things about us that make us so special... it is not our talants or gifts that make us shine, it is our quirks. love this :)

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Lovely mirrors! And you've tried yoga?! That's been something on my to-do list for far too long, and I really think I must try it.

We're at the Cook Shop in Brewster. =) Karla's hubby took a photo of Karla (SugarBearDesigns blog) and me when they visited, so when she gets home, perhaps she'll post our photo on her blog!

paige said...

your new items are lovely!

Faye 'Country Chic' said...

Such beautiful mirrors!
I have just come across your blog for the first time. You make such gorgeous things... oh and I love your journals, I have a huge soft spot for them, I can never have enough, oh well something else I will have to add to my ' I want that' list :)

carolyn said...

I just took a look at your mirrors and they are beautiful. I wonder what the serial crafter will do next...

Dee Light said...

Love your mirrors!!!!

Jes said...

Those mirrors are absolutely gorgeous! Every time I see them, I just think what a marvelous talent you have!!!

I loved reading your "quirky" things about you! We have some similarities you know! (and YES I think opposites really DO attract!)

I will try to check back before we take off for the weekend! 4 glorious days on the boat, I am SO ready!

Can't wait to get my tags!!!!!!


Sophie Honeysuckle said...

So interesting to find out all about you!!!