Thursday, March 20, 2008

hoppy spring!

here's a little green for you! these are big girl's froggy boots. i'm sure the other girls on campus are just green with envy over these! just one of the many reasons why i love this girl!

you know what else today is...the final countdown to my local flea markets opening ~ 16 more days, i can't wait!

i feel i need to put some gratitude out there for this wonderful creative community of women, so glad to know that so many of you have my back, care about what i am creating here, and were there to point out a problem yesterday ~ (((big hug))) and thanks!

i'm putting this out there, so i can be done with it, and move on. it has been discussed many times before in other's blogs about people taking others ideas for their own, i understand that we are all inspired by each other, but to take a product that someone else has spent countless hours of time and energy developing, strictly for the sake of profit, free from creativity, is just not cool.

last night in my studio i was feeling sad about this situation, so i pulled a card from my inspiration cards ~

"as i share my thoughts with friends,
i realize i am not alone and
garner strength in that realization."

my purpose for creating this blog was to connect with other creative, and like minded women. i hope i inspire others, as so many of you inspire me to be a better, creative me! thanks for being there for me!

now i'm off to jump in puddles ~


Sarah said...

Big Smiles! Love your blog!

Little Pink Studio said...

Uh oh, what was copied Heidi? You know how I feel about copying. :0)
I adore everything you create from your crepe paper ruffles to your gorgeous cagies!
Much love,
Cerri xoxo

Alison Gibbs said...

Heidi what sweet little froggie boots.
Sorry to hear someone has copied your work.
Happy Easter

Katie said...

Hi Heidi...I just discovered your blog recently, and have been enjoying reading it...Keep up the good work...Katie

Fated Follies Studio said...

i'm sorry heidi that someone stole your ideas. you have such lovely ones too. that is part of the reason i am afraid to share anything on here. i am afraid if some does copy me before i get it copyrighted, i will be out of luck. it is just a crappy world at times. i hope that people know where to go for the real deal. :)


Anonymous said...

hi heidi!

first i want to tell you that i love love love your sweet ruffled garlands! i received my set of minis & they are wicked darling for words & will come very handy for a few of my art wips! yes, i will be back to buy more! :0)

second, i want to thank you also for visiting my bloggy & your very kind comments as well as adding me as one of your flickr pals...yay! :0) (i briefly met you at melba's craft fair last fall & remembered drooling over your sweet creations there!)

thirdly, it is not cool when someone knocks off your stuff! i went to this workshop where they talked about people stealing others' ideas...however, it pretty much just means that you have something that WORKS & is successful! even if someone replicates your stuff...YOU are the ONE who has the CREATIVE GENIUS...not the blatant imitators!!! just remember that the next time something like that happens...also it was highly encouraged to register all your products for copyright. it is a tedious but necessary step to protect your products. i am looking into that myself for my own work...

you can't copyright an idea....but you can copyright your actual product. so as soon as you can do that for each product you design, the better.

anna griffin, who was one of the panelists in the workshop i went too recently, said that even though you may have your products registered & copyrighted, bear in mind that YOUR WORK will still be copied & knocked off. it invariably happens all the time in business (& life for that matter!). just be prepared to accept that reality, don't let it bog you down & by all means, continue on with your CREATIVE GENIUS!

sorry about the soapbox...but i am still pumped up from that fantastic workshop (country living's women entreprenur event) i went to last week & also i can totally relate because i too have experienced that. so, you are not alone!

take care & go on with your bad self!!!!

mary ann xx

p.s., i love your green wellies too!

Tammigirl said...

Heidi~ Just wanted to drop by to say happy spring. I am almost settled in to Kennebunkport and the flea markets have been open for..sit down....two weeks. So when are you visiting?????

Cambria said...

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TiffanyJane said...

Great blog! Love the boots, too cute!

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

Lovely comments, Heidi. It is amazing to me how every woman's blog that I visit does, in deed, inspire! You have done exactly that! Thanks so much for blogging...