Monday, March 17, 2008

a quick project ~

i know you were expecting green, after all it is my favorite color and it's st. patty's day ~ so wishing you all the luck o' the irish today!

first, i have to say a huge thank you to everyone for your orders of my crepe ruffled garlands, and other goodies from my shop!

thanks a bunch!

i didn't expect such a great response! i'm so glad that you're enjoying them, and i'd love to see the wonderful creations you make ~ please send me pictures. there's lot's more in the works, so keep checking back. i'm planning a big shop update the beginning of april.

playing around when i should be cleaning and getting ready for easter (so unlike me, ha ha) i made a ruffled wreath to hang above the buffet in my dining room (we'll be keeping the wide angle out of there for now.) with the big girl graduating high school in may, somehow the table got piled with 22+ years of photos ~ oh help me! i'm making her a book so that she will have it always, wherever she goes, awww, i know. it's probably a good thing i had to load everything back into boxes because everyone was getting into the act, at least it's organized now. it's definitely bittersweet to see our life laid out like that, how quickly time goes by...i'd do it all again in a heartbeat!

enjoy ~


Alison Gibbs said...

What a gorgeous wreath.
Life sure does fly by so quickly when you have children.
Have fun creating the book for your daughter

Jeanne said...

Love your St. Pat's Day greeting in all of it's "non-greeness." It's gorgeous!

Kelley said...

What eye candy!!! I love your blog. It makes me think perhaps spring is on the way (I live in northern MI, brrrr). I am not a very good knitter but I plan to send a good friend who is to check out the beautiful scarf. I would like to link to your blog if you don't mind. I am looking forward to many more wonderful posts.


Hello from Wales England! Just found your blog, how lovely! What inspiration! I would very much like to link to your blog, keep up with all your pretty crafting!
XX Vicky XX

Adla said...

what a lovely it!

purpleflowerfairy said...

oooh, LOVE the wreath - it's g*o*r*g*e*o*u*s!!! debbie