Thursday, April 03, 2008

buy glitter ~ change a life

did any of you see the ellen degenerous show where she interviewed hillary clinton, and asked her if there was anything she could do to ban glitter? i recorded it, and it was too funny! ellen is co-hosting the american idol gives back fundraiser to benefit children and young people living in poverty, she then contacted a very crafty and generous chica, kathy, over at etsy, who created the charity glitter art sale. it's not too late, they are looking for lots of talented and sparkly artists to donate their work, so gather your materials and some glitter and contact kathy to sign up! now through april 9th you can buy art to help change children's lives.

This french style paper bucket with bird, ruffles, and a dusting of clear glass glitter is my donation, available in
my shop.

SOLD ~ sweet heather from the speckled egg scooped up the basket!

thanks heather!

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I'll have to check out that auction, thanks for the tip. I tend to be a glitter addict.