Friday, April 04, 2008


sorry guys my listings have not been what i had hoped...this is a new kit, in the shop!

it's been a strange week, i've felt like i've been operating in slo-mo. the big guy has been really sick with a fever and called tuesday, just wanted mum to know. it's hard that he lives far away, it was all i could do to not drop everything and bring him food and be there with him. yesterday he was coming home to do some errands, car inspection, banking and stuff, getting ready for his big european adventure this summer. i felt so proud and impressed that he was planning so far in advance. he called me as he was leaving, and it was so good to hear his voice - he sounded so much better! then i got a call about an hour and a half later, "mom i'm 100% totally fine," and some guy bellowing next to him, "get off the phone!" that was a long few minutes until he called back. he had been in an accident, flipped his car twice and landed on the guard rail! everyone; the dr, officer, and junk yard guys all said, he's very lucky, that if he hadn't been wearing his seat belt things would have been very different, even still ~ he's VERY lucky! this was his first trip to the hospital, ever, and only a few minor scrapes, very lucky indeed! we've always called him the golden boy, good fortune seems to follow him, so glad this day it shined on him. all i know is today we are all so very grateful to have him, to be able to hold him, and tell him we love him!

this photo is when he turned 16, the day my father-in-law gave him his old honda. he was thrilled! my father-in-law bought it about six months before the big guy was born, and when he was little he put a puffy dandelion seed in the back ashtray, and it was still there. he appreciates little things like that, very sentimental he is. he loved that car, lots of great memories, like an old friend, and is sad that it's gone. fortunately it can be replaced. in 25 days we'll be celebrating all the more on big guy's 21st b-day ~ that is for sure!


Rose Garden Romantic said...

What a lovely kit! So happy to hear your son is fine! What could scare a mama more?

Little Pink Studio said...

Oh my gosh Heidi, I am so glad to hear he is ok! What a scary, scary thing! The mere thought of my child in a car accident causes me to nearly pass out! Hug him tight!!

Love the kit, it's lovely!
~cerri xo

The Apron Queen said...

What a lovely kit.

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bluemuf said...

So glad you son is alright. Very pretty kit. I would love having one like it.


Lorrie said...

The kit is beautiful. I'm so glad to hear that your son is okay. It's a tough thing for a mom to hear about.


Carla said...

This is my first stop by your beautiful blog. I love your thoughts about the birds of a feather name. I have a small collection of those flourished calligraphy birds so I was delighted when your page came up and I saw that image. I am glad your son is okay--those seatbelts are so important.

KarenHarveyCox said...

I am so glad that your son is okay. I have a sixteen year old and a nineteen year old. They were both in car accidents on April 1st at 6 o'clock. They are also both okay. I feel very lucky too. Karen

Pat said...

Heidi, So glad your son is ok. I don't care how old they are...they are precious to us and we worry about them. Enjoy his 21st birthday even more now and take each day as it comes. Love your work and I have learned that having my work helps take care of some of the worry...thanks. Pat at birdnestontheground

Sarah said...

Glad your son was ok. Your bird collage print is so pretty! Great collage kit.

One Crabapple said...

What a Pretty Place you have here ! just love it. Love the kit and crepe in your shop and great tip on the American Idol Giveback / Glitter Benefit (thanks). I hate that I was too late in knowing that !

Love, S

One Crabapple said...

kisses to you and your son. That must have been SCAREY !!

Stacy/Creativemuse said...

WOW Thank GOODNESS he's okay!...So OPHra would say...what is this message? this was a big one! Time to slow down and have a quiet talk with himself or another spiritual teacher So this or something eles doesn't happen again!!!! YIKES! WHat Blessing! LOVE TO YOU AND YOURS!

Anonymous said...

hi heidi,

the birdie collage kit is adorable! :)

& so glad that your son is OKAY...very lucky indeed!

your story reminded me of the time my sister & i were broadsided on an elevated road & got pushed several hundred yards to the concrete guard rail! like your son, if we hadn't been wearing our seatbelts, well, i wouldn't be here typing this comment!

sending you hugs & warm birthday wishes to your son,

mary ann xo