Thursday, April 24, 2008

on the hunt ~

what makes me weak in the knees, and my heart skip a beat ~ vintage millinery!
what have i been up to while the little one's been away? searching for vintage goodies on-line. not quite the same as the thrill of discovery finding a stash at an estate sale, flea market, or shop. the flowers are getting harder to find ~ looks like i know why, since these ladies seem to have quite the amazing collections! every day packages arrive, and hubby asks, what's in this one ~ more flowers and leaves? yup!

for all you millinery lovers, i have sad news ~ dulkin & derrick is closing it's doors in august! my friend lisa and i discovered this magical place years ago on a trip to nyc. a huge hulking frenchman formed each petal for their gorgeous flowers using metal molds, heated over a steaming cauldron ~ fascinating, and sadly a dying art!

lots to do today, as the little one touches down tomorrow at 7 a.m.~ on her birthday! a little family gathering tomorrow night, and then saturday her friends' celebration will surely rock the house! sunday you can bet we'll all be hanging out ~ i will be planting flowers!

My flickr Millinery Fave's ~ 1. Old Purse, 2. Details, 3. My Dress form, 4. pink chair, 5. lace and roses, 6. vintage millinery, 7. Vintage Millinery Trim, 8. Vintage Hat, 9. Vintage Pink Rose Hat, 10. Vintage Paper Flowers, 11. Vintage Ballerina Tutus, 12. Vintage millinery, 13. Velvet Pansies14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available


fated follies studio said...

Heidi, oh how i love those od flowers too. sadly i managed to find 3 for my collection of 3, ha ha. i wish i lived anywhere where i can go to the flea market. that would be so much fun. i'm sorry one of your face shops are closing. :( what a bummer. the photos are quite beautiful. hopefully you'll have luck finding some at a good sale soon!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the sweet bird picture!! It's gorgeous! That was so sweet of you! :)
I hope your little one has a wonderful birthday!! :)

*hugs* Dara

Heidi ( said...

I just don't have any vintage milinary! I'll have to watch for some! Hope your little birdie is having fun while she's on her big trip! Sounds like a big weekend for you all, enjoy!

Bristol said...

Heidi- There is something wonderful about old millinery. Things are just not made in that way anymore. I recently went to my monthly antique fair and some guy had flowers advertised asvintage millinery, NOT. I have just started collecting them. Love the pictures and your blog.

Mya said...

Great photos. It is so hard anymore to snag those great vintage finds and I am with you there is nothing like finding them at a tag or estate sale.

Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles said...

im with you,
im crazy about vintage millinery,
I usually have no idea what ill do with it but it calls my name regardless.