Sunday, April 27, 2008

a pink b-day & glitter & grunge

she's back, and had the most amazing trip, topped off with a party with her friends last night. whew, we're all wiped out!

did i mention that hair dying was part of the itinerary for the big 13th b-day cali trip? we didn't recognize big guy when he got off the plane bleach blond with little blue tips in front, big girl got one fuschia stripe underneath, and the little one went for pinkie tuscadero! (she has it pulled up in front here, but really it just peeks out from underneath when it's down.) i wouldn't have expected any other color, she's been the pink girl from the start.

so, was this all natural momma always so
chill about colored hair ~ no!
what my kids have taught me is, the colored hair will fade and their natural hair will grow back, but the memories of all the love that has been showered on them will last a lifetime. wishing you all
rosey b-days and happy days sweetie! xo

now for some
birds of a feather news ~
i have joined the fabulously talented women over at glitter & grunge! starting may 1st you can find my wares listed in their on~line co~operative boutique. i was thrilled when clare asked if i would join! may is such an inspiring month with may day, mother's day, and spring in full bloom, so i've been creating new paper baskets, mirrors, nests, and other goodies in the spirit of the season. did you catch the post on vintage indie, they've now partnered with g & g. can't wait to see the exciting creative things to come.


Alison Gibbs said...

Sounds like a fun birthday trip. Loving the pink hair.

ArtsyMama said...

LOVE the pink. I was a pink hair girl as a teen too:)
Congrats on G&G. That's wonderful news!!!

Mya said...

Pink is my fav. Oh to be young with pink hair, how fun.

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

LOVE the pink hair! So cute and all the rage now among 13 year! I have a boy that is 13 as well and he is telling me he needs a straightening iron for his hair as it is just not cool to have wavey curls anymore. LOL!

xoxo Heather


Hello Heidi,

Congrats on G&G!


pink sky said...

love the hair...i want to be young and all pinked up too! love the glitter and gringe gig too. coffee friday???

heidi said...
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Joy said...

Hi Heidi,

Congrats on the Glitter and Grunge - I just checked it out and it looks soooo cool!