Saturday, April 04, 2009

Sweet Candy Cups ~

Here are some of the Sweet Candy Cups created for this month's giveaway
Everyone did such an amazing job ~ they are all so sweet and creative!

Now for the exciting (hard) part . . . picking a winner

Let me (find) get to my random generator (affectionately called "Little One" here)

Wait a minute while it (poses) warms up

Random (happy) thoughts...

Little One draws...

Miss Rhea of Sweet and Shabby Roses ~ congrats!

Miss Rhea sent me the sweetest e-mail thanking me for winning, it made her day, and touched my heart!
If you could take a minute to stop by her blog and send her some love, I know she'd appreciate it.

Wishing everyone a lovely week ~
xo Heidi

1. Easter Pink, 2. Mini Easter Basket I, 3. Candy Cup 1, 4. and this, 5. ballerina nutcups from the sweet as can be Hollydoodle!!, 6. Nutty for Candy Cups, 7. Easter Whimsy jar sent, 8. Eye Candy, 9. Bless Our Nest, 10. easter chicks, 11. Springtime "Mommy and Me" kit, 12. Sugar Pink Sweet, 13. Spring Violet Basket, 14. Pink Easter Delights, 15. 104_6057, 16. Vintage Easter Nut Cup basket #2


Heather - Speckled Egg said...

They are lovely!!! Everyone did such an amazing job!

Miss Rhea said...

Every single one of them are amazing, I agree completely with Heather. This is SUCH an honor and I will treasure this and am so very grateful. You really touched my heart, like I said before. I went by your store and everything was SO pretty, I am afraid I cant choose !! So, is it ok if I just send you my address and you surprise me ? I will do that later today :) I would love ANYTHING that you create , truly as your ruffles are amazing and your birdies, EEEK, I am in love with all of them :) Again, Thank you SO very much, I am truly grateful and it came at such a good time, I am truly Blessed :)


Birds of a Feather said...

Absolutely Rhea, I think I know what you might like;)

Looking at my random generator's pics, aka "Little one," only the bottom pic looks like her ~ strange!

Monica said...

Congrats Rhea!
They are all so beautiful , off to take a peak :)

Linda said...

Oh wow they are all so lovely, congrats to Rhea.
Cheers Linda

Cassandra said...

Wow these are all so beautiful!

paperbird said...

Each one of these little cups are so pretty- I think I might get creative and try one.

The little one is lovely. They grow up so fast!

Elizabeth said...

Love your blog! Anything with birds on it, I tend to flock to :)

Vintagebella ~ Andrea said...

Congratulations to rhea! So pretty and springy!

Jean Knee said...

This was such fun.