Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Queen's Domaine ~

As we wound our way through the town and then country roads of Port Costa, suddenly it felt like we had been transported to the French countryside

Unfortunately, because it was Monday, all the little shops were closed

including the cafe

but we had a very special appointment with the Grande Dutchess of Paper, the Queen of Glitter. . . Who am I speaking of you ask? Well, Wendy Addison of course!

Her beautiful book, Theatre of Dreams

Ben sifting and sorting...

The pictures tell the story of what a magical world hers is...and she was the most gracious host, allowing me to take pictures, and ask endless questions. She even read her new book to us {swoon,} a compilation of her sketches, set in a hand printed and bound book, which tells a beautiful love story {in poem.}

For all of you who have made the trek, you know her fairy theatre is the piece de la resistance, she gladly gave us a show! Of course we left with many trinkets, but spending time with Wendy in her magical studio was truly the greatest gift we carried home!

Thanks for coming along on this picture journey ~ come back tomorrow for one more post of my fabulous Cali trip, to my favorite "chick mafia" shoping in NoCal!

Have a wonderful day ~
xo Heidi


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Colour me pea-green! You visited one of the two places in California that I'm dying to see in person!

One is Theatre of Dreams - the other Castle in the Air ... I don't know why all the cool stuff has to be on the other ocean!

Looking forward to more photos!

Cindy B said...

this is bringing one big...wowsers! how charming every thing was to see...aren't those store fronts stunning...i would love to see this place in person!thanks for sharing this.

Lynda said...

Adorable shops! I bet you were so disappointed that they were closed. Great pictures though!

KimberlyRyanDesigns said...

Beautiful post, I would be heartbroken if they were closed my goodness! Come by my ParisRags blog for a beautiful giveaway , it'sfor the Grand opening of my new Website ParisRags.com Romantic lothing and accessories! Hope to see you, hugs, Kimberly

starrynightimpressions said...

Ohhhh I am sooo jealous!!
I love all your ZNE photos, brings it all back. I'm still smiling about meeting you all.

mindy said...

wow...what a beautiful whirwind! your trip sounded so amazing. and now you're off to brimfield. will we ever catch up? i'll keep following your little trail of breadcrumbs here :) have a fantastic time...miss you! xo

Maija said...

Please tell- did you purchase one of her books? I really want one, but it's so hard to commit that kind of money without laying a real eye on it first!! What to do???