Monday, May 11, 2009

My ZNE Sistas ~

Has it already been a week since the ZNE Show; Art, Paperie & Pleasantries, hosted by Chel, in Pleasanton, CA? The best part was hanging with my sister, and getting to meet several of my customers who stopped by to say hello ~ very fun, thank you! And to mix & mingle with all the talented artists teaching and showing ~ very cool!

Here's a little trip down Memory Lane ~

Me, Julie, and Ingrid

Julie, Me, sweet Shari, and Ruth

Ann-Denise, Claire (her sweet hubby and three adorable kids were a big help,) Barbe, Me, and Benta (my sister.) Be sure to stop by the Handmade Parade event in Sacramento the end of the month

Creativity and silliness abound

The cute as a button Deborah and Shari (she and I traveled the farthest, and we we're e-mailing back and forth ~ so great to finally meet!)

Shari, Me, Lisa, Mica, and Iva (you must check out her amazing class project; a whimsical lighted fairy theatre, created from an oatmeal box!)

Here's all the teachers. I didn't get a picture with the sweet and talented Julie (bottom left,) or Anna (why is she not in this pic?) and I'm so sad that I didn't get to see Ulla again

It was a fun weekend, thanks to all you fabulous gals!

xo Heidi

P.S. And last but not least, it's time to draw a winner. . . the now 14 and much more grown up {than last month} random generator will choose the lucky winner. . .

. . . it's Emile of Firefly Shop, congrats!

And what's your prize you ask, my Flower Garden Kit, enjoy!

xo Heidi

P.S. Everyone guessed correctly, yes, Rosie does have only three legs! A few months ago she came home after missing for a week with it dangling. She hasn't missed it at all, surprisingly, and we're just glad she's ok. She used to be quite the hunter though, now she's sticking close to home and is much more affectionate. The vet said she's do just fine without it, and he was right.

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YAY I won :) :) thanks that is so cool :)