Friday, September 07, 2007

creative retreat

no, i didn't drop off the edge of the planet, i'm here, trying to get back in the swing of things, if only this heat would let up a bit. i'd like to put in an order for a perfect 70 degree day, please. what have i been doing, well, lining up work, back to school shopping, and we finally got the kiddies off to school. the big guy is in an apartment this year with three friends, a big deal! we loaded up the van and drove him last sunday...good thing i have actually seen a few college bachelor pads, and i asure you, this one did not disappoint! the middle one is a senior, her 2nd year at a her "new" school, it's not easy being away from her home town friends, but she's grateful for the education, and the little one is in 7th grade, so hard to believe!

i'm so excited, tomorrow i'm heading out of town for a girl's creative weekend, jes is hosting at her lovely house in maine. she has all kinds of great things planned; a cool project, eating, eating, eating (there was mention of crabmeat - yum,) a surprise, and a flea market trip. the other creative gals are; mindy, tammy, leah, and susan. this is definately the spark my creativity needs, not to mention a change of scenery. be sure to check back next week for the show and tell-all.

the little goodie packs i made using recycled altoid tins, one for each of the girls. inside are little bits and pieces of vintage scraps; papers, netting, lace, findings, buttons, leaves, and flowers.

take care -
xo, heidi


KarenHarveyCox said...

You have such a lovely blog. I really love the way you presented these tins. Blessings, Karen

Anonymous said...

Very cute!!

Gabriela Delworth said...


I love these treats!

Gabriela said...

What a fun trip, wish I was going!!

Tammigirl said...

Hi Heidi~
PUGGLE...half pug, half beagle. It took me until Sunday to get it. Naughty little pooch I tell you.

Thanks again for the lovely little tin that you passed to me. I went through it thoroughly when I got home.

I'm already making plans in my head for next year...I'll be tracking you and yours in your blog in the meanwhile

Leah said...

it was so great to spend time with you this weekend, heidi!! thank you for the adorable tin of goodies you made!