Friday, April 18, 2008

nests & wings

just like birds, i gather a little bit of this and that, mostly scraps of my specialty papers too small to use, vintage print from books and magazines, and sheets of old business letterhead in creamy white and ivory stock, cut into slivers, to create my paper nests ~ very resourceful and 100% recycled! shown here in the very rough beginning stage, just taking shape.

notes from the kitchen chalkboard ~

roots and wings...seems my little flock is growing faster each day. the little one got her wings yesterday, literally, as she flew off to california, solo. my sister & her hubby's gift to each of our kids when they turn 13. she looked back a couple of times, confident but unsure of what lay ahead, as i watched her go through security (with a lump in my throat, and a heart filled with joy for all the "gifts" she would be given along this journey.) an exciting trip to mark the beginning of her new grown up life. before she left, she informed us that she would be too busy and having too much fun to miss us! yes, she's ready to start spreading her wings. she called as soon as she touched down to tell us "i'm here!"


Alison Gibbs said...

Oh how hard to watch her walk through security all on her own!!

pink sky said...

my you have been busy... love your new "assistant". been missing the creativity here, and niss your sweet self. must do coffee again soon! hope alls well in your nested world. xo

Heidi ( said...

Love your new nests! Letting our children begin to use their own wings is an incredible experience. Luckily it's a process that takes years!